Low Cost Internal Auditor Training

Internal auditing is vital to any organisation. It avoids unnecessary expenditure of time and money through failing to meet the requirements of external auditors; and it is invaluable in applying management systems within day-to-day business practice.

There are three straightforward steps to gaining auditing certification from SEQM:

STEP 1: ONLINE COURSE The course that we will ask you to work through will depend on your particular situation together with your previous knowledge and experience of auditing. Whichever course you undertake you will need about ten hours study time including a written assignment.

On successful completion of Step 1 we will recognise you as a Trainee Auditor for the purpose of moving to the next step.

STEP 2: PRACTICAL EXPERIENCE Auditing techniques are not abstract concepts even though they are derived from a strong theoretical framework. Step 2 is therefore to spend one day taking part in a real site audit and workshop, leading to recognition as a practicing Internal Auditor.

STEP 3: ASSESSMENT Finally we will carry out an assessment taking about one hour. This may take the form of a further online exercise, a phone interview or both.

The content of the assessment will relate to the online course and practical experience that you have gained. If satisfactory you will be awarded the SEQM Internal Auditor certificate.

As well as receiving our certificate you will also have the option to be registered (free of charge) on our database so that we can confirm your certification to any enquirer in future, subject to your permission. NB registration is not compulsory, nor is it essential for your recognition.


The price of the complete course is £280.00 excluding VAT (£336.00 including VAT) payable on invoice by cheque, BACS or card.

If you wish to pay be cheque please allow seven working days for clearance. Or
for BACS details or to make a card payment.

We believe this cost will produce a worthwhile return on investment, in terms of organisational savings, professional development and career progression.

Taking it Further

Phone us on +44(0)191 222 1134 or send an eMail to office@seqm.com giving us your contact details, organisation and role in your organisation. We can then provide more detail as to what would be most useful to you, with no obligation of course. All information will be treated in the strictest confidence.

Our training package provides a thorough grounding including:

  • Audit Principles
  • Preparation for an Audit
  • Conduct of the Audit
  • Evidence and Documentation
  • Post-audit follow up
  • Continual Improvement

Which online course?

If you have limited knowledge of auditing your Step 1 module will be Basics course (BAS01), otherwise we will ask you to complete course AUD01 Unpacking the Audit Process. For details see 'Online Courses'.

If you have experience of auditing but are involved in developing an Integrated Management System then we may suggest Understanding Integrated Management Systems instead of the more general courses.

Why Internal Auditors?

Internal auditors work within their organisations with the same thoroughness as external auditors.

For the organisation this brings efficiency benefits and greater confidence in handling external audits and certification.

For the auditor the experience is stimulating and a valuable addition to any career portfolio.